How often do you let someone else do a job you are capable of doing yourself? With small and inexpensive things like making a burger and fries, most people have no trouble spending a bit of cash to get a tasty treat fast. With other things like changing a lightbulb, most homeowners wouldn’t think twice before handling the problem themselves. But can and should you handle a rodent infestation on your own? Here is why we strongly believe DIY rodent control doesn’t work in San Antonio homes.

mouse in attic space

Rodents Have Sharp Teeth

This may not seem like much of a benefit, but it helps rodents avoid treatments around homes. Using their sharp and strong front incisor teeth, rats and mice chew holes through walls and ceilings, making entry and exit points all-around your home. They use these round doorways to avoid danger and find quick safety when caught roaming around in the open.

Rodents Are Clever

Rodents are hyper-intelligent creatures. It is not uncommon for mice and rats to trigger traps without harming themselves to eat the bait that was supposed to draw them into their death. Rodents will also learn what areas of your home are dangerous which are safe to travel. Even if you kill a few rodents with DIY, the survivors will adapt and learn how to stay alive in the future.

Rodents Are Sneaky

When rodents invade a home they do so as silently as possible. Once inside, they will stay hidden inside wall and ceiling voids, where they can move around without being seen. This makes tracking rodents incredibly difficult. The only way to know if any of your DIY treatments are working is to wait until you notice rodent-caused problems stop.

Rodents Are Prolific Breeders

A female rat has six litters in a year, each containing on average 12 pups. A female mouse can produce six pups every three weeks and only has to wait 25 days to have a second litter. All of this is to say, rodents breed fast. If more than four of these pests are crawling around inside your San Antonio home, you will have a hard time eliminating them all before they start breeding out of control.

DIY Is Dangerous 

Traps baited with peanut butter is the only method we recommend to homeowners dealing with rodents. Other methods involve pesticides, which can be harmful when used in the wrong amounts or the wrong locations. If you have pets or young children, be extra careful what pest control products you use around your home as they can put your loved ones at risk. Instead, leave rodent control to the experts.

The Only Way To Guarantee Rodents Get Out Quick

At Pestmaster® Services - San Antonio, we understand how difficult rodents are to get out of a home. To make your life easier, we have invested the time, money, and energy needed to become experts at handling pest problems. Using advanced pest control methodology and industry-leading products, we will set in place a course of action to quickly remove rodents from your San Antonio home. 
If you are looking for a way to keep these pests out of your home year-round, we also offer comprehensive ongoing pest control services. Contact our team today to learn more about our rodent control services and schedule your home for a detailed service visit. We will make sure the job gets done right the first time.

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